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The word Chakra comes from an ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit, Chakra means vortex, spinning wheel or circle (open to the front and back). The chakras spin in a clockwise direction and are shaped like a spinning fan. Each chakra spins at its own frequency ensuring that the ki (universal life force) is drawn into body to keep the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the body in balance. The chakras also spin outward when releasing unwanted ki or when they are dealing with other people or situations.
Chakras are energy centres through which energy enters and leaves our bodies, both the physical body and the bodies of the aura. The chakras are found in within each level of our aura – (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and so they affect every part of our being. When we are feeling good, relaxed and happy in the world then our chakras are spinning openly and evenly creating a balanced aura that is well protected. However if we’re feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, etc then the chakras will be depleted and our aura may be affected also. Over time this will affect a person’s well being and this is where Reiki healing/Chakra balancing would be very beneficial.
A ‘block’ is a place where energy is trapped or constricted. In dealing with a block, you need to get the energy moving which is how Reiki helps. When energy flows through the whole body it creates harmony and releases dis-ease. Reiki assists to bring the chakras into alignment and balance.
No chakra works independently of the other chakras, they are all part of the whole energy system. Each chakra only works fully when the other chakras are also fully engaged. They are all part of a whole. Each chakra has a role in balancing some aspect of our life emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Many things can affect our chakras from our physical environment to our emotions to our mental dialogue. It’s essential for good health, to be aware of how balanced or unbalanced our chakras are.
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