Healing the mind, body and spirit - Company Message

Chakra balancing (30 minutes)- 35.00 

There are 7 main energy centers in our body, known as chakras. Each chakra is located throughout our body. We offer 30 minutes of Reiki energy healing over each chakra and then grounding prior to the session end.

Full Reiki Healing session (60 minutes)-55.00

A full Reiki healing session, including chakra balancing throughout the session.

Distant Reiki healing (15 minutes)- 25.00

15 minutes of Reiki energy healing sent to you distantly using the distant Reiki symbol.

Reiki classes- All classes are 100.00

Classes offered are Reiki 1, 2,3, Master and Master/Teacher.
Classes are done on an individual basis or in a small group. Each class lasts approximately 4-6 hours concluding with an attunement of the desired level.
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