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Chakra Balancing/Healing
In keeping with the Holistic approach to wellness, Chakra balancing addresses both the body and spirit. At one level, clearing the chakras heal the physical body by releasing stored blocks accumulated through a lifetime of traumas and negative experiences. Once these blocks are gone, the body can return to its original natural state of perfect health, and the results will be readily noticed. At another level, healthy chakras allow the flow of pure energy to move freely from the lower to the higher chakras, and the natural state of abundance, prosperity and joy can be realized.
Price: $30.00
Full Reiki Healing Session
Reiki is a powerful yet gentle Japanese healing system which uses a “lying on of hands” to send energy into the recipient’s body. “Rei” means “Universal, “Ki” means “Life Force”, so Reiki is a Universal LifeForce Energy. 1 hour session
Price: $55.00
Distant Reiki Healing
With Reiki Distance Healing you can receive the benefits of Reiki without stopping what you are doing or having to go anywhere. You can be driving or even asleep. Reiki is a bit like having a good friend who is always there for you and to comfort you. Reiki Distance Healing can be sent to you, to your friends or loved ones, to your pet, to a problem or challenge in your life and can help with past or future events, such as exams. Have Reiki sent to your home, your business, or your work. 1/2 hour session
Price: $25.00
Reiki Classes/Attunements
Reiki should be learned and shared! Reiki Attunement (Level I, II, and III/Master/Teacher) training is available in special one-on-one or small group classes that approach Reiki from a Spirit filled point of view. Being attuned to Reiki gives one the ability to easily access the Reiki (Universal Life Force) energy for the purpose of healing a person or situation.
Price: $100.00
Wedding Officiant
Perform Wedding Ceremony
Price: $100.00
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